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CRCS (Center for Religious and Cross-cultural Studies)
         was established in 2000. The initial idea was to start a center of learning and research focusing on religious studies, based on reflection on Indonesian religious lives. The goal is to ask what each of us can learn from other religions that add to our own spiritual insight and heritage, to seek deep understanding of each other, and to work together for a just and peaceful future. It started with a new graduate program on religious studies, which remains unique: it is the only academic program focusing on religious studies in a non-religiously affiliated university in Indonesia.

ICRS - Yogya (The Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies)
         is a consortium of three universities: Gadjah Mada University (UGM), State IslamicUniversity Sunan Kalijaga (UIN), and Duta Wacana Christian University (UKDW). Together they offer an integrative, international Ph.D. program in inter-religious studies. This is the only Religious Studies Ph.D. Program that is co-sponsored by Muslim, Christian, and national-secular universities.